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LPG installation at Century Hotel & Conference Centre 
for Rabie Properties 
Community Projects Century Village        
  Installations for community projects. Services Dining
Room (nourishing meals) and Ladles of Love (soup kitchen)
Century Village - D6 manifold with automatic switch over and SMS notification system

Silos 3 & 4        
 WBHO Contract. Silos luxury apartments. Reticulation to hobs. Two (2) kilometer trac pipe Aurum Luxury Apartments Bantry Bay.
Fireplaces, hobs and braai's - Gas lines to apartments
 Cruise Ships gas reticulation


Our project managers take responsibility to manage the entire process from start to finish.

The sequence of activities from start to finish are basically as follows: 

  1. Client consults with one of our project managers and specifies his or her requirements
  2. Project manager peruses the plan or visits the premises of client to evaluate suitability of area for an installation
  3. If the installation is in a sensitive location the Project manager may arrange a site visit with an official from
  4. the fire department to establish whether the fire department agrees with the proposed area of installation                                                                                            
  5. Project manager procures site map in CAD and documentation with assistance from client
  6. Project manager prepares quotation for consideration by client and Easigas
  7. After approval project manager instructs draughtsman to draw plan
  8. Plan is submitted together with documents and submission fees to local council.
  9. Technician and logistics prepare and procure equipment
  10. Installation follows after approval of plan by local council and fire department
  11. A pressure test is arranged with the fire department after finalisation of installation
  12. LPG is delivered to premises to start with operations  
  13. Fire department issues the flammable substance certificate 


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